Pioneer Powder has been formulating and manufacturing powder coatings since 1993. Our management team has been with us from the start and has decades of industry experience from large powder manufacturers and production powder coating facilities. This allows us to view product and customer development opportunities from a unique and practical perspective. We have a clear, experience-based understanding of powder formulation, manufacturing and application.

25 years and counting – our customer relationships continue to provide insight into trends, issues and the latest opportunities confronting manufacturers and professional coaters of all types and sizes.

We formulate custom powder coatings to fit your needs, designed to your specifications and supported on-line with experienced technical and sales personnel.

We partner with external product innovators whenever required to offer the latest in new materials, formula qualifications and product testing – all tailored to customer needs.

We partner with the premier suppliers to the powder industry who provide us the latest developments in materials and processes. Dual sourcing for redundancy and consistent supply is our policy.

We continually upgrade our production and lab equipment – in 2018 we added 6 new production machines that employ the latest technology for powder production. Several key process areas were redesigned as part of our commitment to improve overall quality and throughput.

2019 additions include a high volume extrusion line and a new machine tool department for quicker machine repairs as well as innovative design changes.

Latest trends in product offerings include:

Non-TGIC formulas to comply with world-wide material safety standards.

Antimicrobial products defending against bacteria, mold, mildew and fungus for industries including: HVAC, marijuana cultivation, medical equipment, office furniture, plumbing fixtures, transportation and food service applications.

150 stock products including low-cure superdurable RALs to make small volume purchases economically feasible.

Low gloss polyesters, extended cure range hybrids for furniture, custom OEM formulations…